Strength & Conditioning

Our first phase of the Strength & Conditioning classes with Joe O’Connor and his team at Nisus Fitness is now nearly complete.  I’m sure that we all want to give a big thanks to Joe for introducing us to the “Prowler”. That’s sarcasm by the way :)

The  Prowler
Obviously a before photo!

Anatomical Adaptation

The first 6 weeks of training was titled the Anatomical Adaptation phase where the focus was on preparing the ligaments, tendons and muscles for future training intensities. Continue reading Strength & Conditioning

My First Triathlon

Me ? Do a Triathlon ? Yes I did !

Read her story ….

In my wildest dreams I would not have believed this time last year that I would have completed a Sprint Distance Triathlon by the end of this summer! I have known people involved in Triathlon for a number of years now and they were always firmly placed on a pedestal too high for me to climb.

This time 2 years ago I decided it was time to learn to run a 5km! I had narrowly avoided back surgery and the advice was that getting fitter would help strengthen it. I snuck into Marcus Howlett’s Born to run marathon training group with the intention of doing the 8 week training programme to get me to the 5km mark. Within a day or two he had me convinced I could run a marathon. Despite persistent ITB issues, a torn hip flexor which halted training for 6 weeks and crippling back pain I did it! I even had to wear a back brace on the day but I still did it. Continue reading My First Triathlon