Strength & Conditioning Phase II

Max Strength Phase

What are we doing in this block of Tralee Triathlon Club’s Strength & Conditioning classes with Nisus Fitness?  Joe O’Connor explains all.

Joe O'Connor instructor
Joe O’Connor instructing on correct form.

“This phase is the Max Strength phase and the area that so many endurance athletes overlook or even fear. Most endurance athletes are comfortable lifting light weights in an attempt to increase muscular endurance. I often pose the question,

“Do you think lifting those little weights for 20 reps is somehow going to represent the endurance benefits of your long bike ride, that lung bursting hill run or those endless laps in the pool?”

The answer is usually a confused “Ah Ha” moment followed by “I suppose not!”. Continue reading Strength & Conditioning Phase II

Club Membership

2015 Membership Open

Club Membership is now open for 2015! New members can join via the Triathlon Ireland website. Joining now covers you for the end of 2014 and all of 2015.

The club is affiliated with Triathlon Ireland. To be a member of the club you first need to be a member of Triathlon Ireland. There are two costs involved in the sign up process.

Sign Up Process

Go to the Triathlon Ireland sign up page.

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