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Annie Horgan’s no holds barred blog on her run up to her third Ironman.

Road To Ironman Austria 2015: A Blip…

This is a year of firsts, the first time I have trained properly, the first time I have become consistent in training, the first time I have had real craic in training and the first time I got an injury.I was always quite cocky about never getting injured,but by god did this knock that streak out of me!

With so many firsts, its hard to believe that this is my third Ironman, the first was special but left unfinished business, the second one was to get it finished but this one is for me. This is my starting point to a long road of many Ironman’s to come, I love everything about the M Dot, the training, the friendships, the gear and most importantly as much as it sounds corny…the journey! It is something I have never experienced before- an addiction to ironman and I love it!

However with every high that comes with training, lows are bound to crop up. I have never feared the Ironman distance, I have always felt that anything is possible and have held that thought up to three weeks ago when all I can describe is my nightmare begun!

Sounds dramatic…But that is not strong enough! Two discs popped out in my back with a nerve compressed for an added bonus and I just fell apart, from training for up to 20 hours a week to crying 20 hours a day- it became tiring!

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Annie’s Ironman Blog

From the Beginning

It’s 3 years on from my frantic Fr Ted style blog ‘Marathon Dreamer 2012’…..

A lot has happened in that time…ups and downs,tears and fecks,refusals and just do it attitude, 3 marathons ,upset and realisations, starvation and drive through McDonalds trips, 13 half marathons, 2 Ironmans, 2 Sprint triathlons, no Olympics, laughs and behind it all….a changed person.


One of the main reasons why I started blogging ,was to  shift weight from being 17st in Nov 2011 to losing over  6st and and to keep me motivated-also I like talking crap…ithe only person stopping you,is you. Continue reading Annie’s Ironman Blog