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Club Membership

2015 Membership Open

Club Membership is now open for 2015! New members can join via the Triathlon Ireland website. Joining now covers you for the end of 2014 and all of 2015.

The club is affiliated with Triathlon Ireland. To be a member of the club you first need to be a member of Triathlon Ireland. There are two costs involved in the sign up process.

Sign Up Process

Go to the Triathlon Ireland sign up page.

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My First Triathlon

Me ? Do a Triathlon ? Yes I did !

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In my wildest dreams I would not have believed this time last year that I would have completed a Sprint Distance Triathlon by the end of this summer! I have known people involved in Triathlon for a number of years now and they were always firmly placed on a pedestal too high for me to climb.

This time 2 years ago I decided it was time to learn to run a 5km! I had narrowly avoided back surgery and the advice was that getting fitter would help strengthen it. I snuck into Marcus Howlett’s Born to run marathon training group with the intention of doing the 8 week training programme to get me to the 5km mark. Within a day or two he had me convinced I could run a marathon. Despite persistent ITB issues, a torn hip flexor which halted training for 6 weeks and crippling back pain I did it! I even had to wear a back brace on the day but I still did it. Continue reading My First Triathlon

My First Triathlon Season

Me ? Do a Triathlon ? Yes I did !

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Well I am coming up to the end of my first season in Tralee Triathlon club and what a year it has been!

Damian Morrison - Landers Tralee Triathlon 2014
Damian Morrison – Landers Tralee Triathlon 2014

My journey to become a triathlete began last Summer when I was out in Fenit and I had my first look at what a triathlon involved . Fancy bikes, wetsuits were order of the day but overall what I liked was the support of the crowds and fellow club mates that seemed to will the competitors on. That was in August and it was not until December I plucked up the courage to make contact with the club to get started. The reason for the hesitation was my very poor swim background. I could only muster one or two lengths and in my head you had to swim like a dolphin before you could even consider joining the a triathlon club. How wrong I was …. Continue reading My First Triathlon Season

Beginner Sprint Member Profile

Me ? Do a Triathlon ?

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This time last year it had not even remotely occurred to me that I would be partaking in a triathlon within the coming year. I had joined up with the Born to Run club in Tralee and I was happily putting in the miles on weeknights and heading out early every Saturday morning for the long run. As the months passed I was running distances I had not thought possible.

It was a fantastic confidence boost and made me understand that the only limits were those that I placed upon myself. All of the training was leading up to the first Tralee International Marathon and it was within my sights. Then I got injured with three weeks to go. I had put in all of the training and had even completed the last long run, 21 miles! All that was left to do was my lap of honour on the big day. I was, needless to say, gutted. Continue reading Beginner Sprint Member Profile

Try-A-Tri Member Profile

Me Do a Triathlon? Yes I did!

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My first experience of a triathlon was three years ago watching on the sidelines. My sister was participating in her first triathlon. I was cheering the athletes as they passed and taking their photo. Swimming is my strongest discipline, but I couldn’t run or haven’t been on a bike in years. At that point, I never dreamed that I would ever be able to participate myself.

The following two years my dad and I decided to compete as a relay team. I swam and he did the cycle and run. As I emerged from the water after the 750m swim I couldn’t wait to pass over the timing chip. My part was over. Continue reading Try-A-Tri Member Profile