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Tralee Triathlon Club have again partnered up with the best to deliver a top class triathlon specific periodised programme for our members. This is our second year with Joe O’Connor and Daniel Breen of Nisus Fitness following on from our very successful term with the team last season.

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The next 12 week block will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 9pm beginning 29th September and right up to 17th December.

Tuesdays are sold out and there are limited places left on Thursday nights.  If you wish to join the Club for 2016, you can sign up for this block of Strength & Conditioning (including the ‘Get Lean for Christmas Challenge’ here: SIGN UP HERE

We are going to introduce  a little bit of healthy competition this season if you so wish to take part (and its completely optional!).

These classes are suitable for all abilities, beginners to advanced.

Body Composition is a very important aspect of triathlon and let’s face it, we all have room for improvements especially in the run up to Christmas. We will be organising a Tanita scan in Nisus for everyone who signs up for the next 12 week strength & conditioning block before we start our first phase. Again, the challenge is completely optional. There will also be a retest in the final week.

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This challenge is not all about weight loss as you can loose body fat, but build muscle at the same time. This is why we will focus on reduction of body fat and increasing muscle mass. For the ladies out there, don’t worry about getting bulky, that won’t happen. Its about getting lean. The more lean muscle you have, the higher your metabolism!! It’s all good!

The Tanita machine is a body composition analyser and it will give you a print out with all of your details including body fat percentage and muscle mass. Whoever improves these two measurements the most will receive the fantastic prize of 50% off the price of phase two.  Again this is completely optional but it will be a bit of fun and added motivation.

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Strength and Conditioning is extremely important for all sports and no more so than triathletes. The long hours spent on the bike, in the pool and on the road really do take their toll on the body over time. Do you have the foundation necessary to sustain your training, avoid injury and improve your performance for the coming season?

So why do we need Strength & Conditioning? As endurance athletes, the first consideration we should be thinking about is reducing the chances of getting injured. The three disciplines that make up a triathlon, swimming, cycling and running are all cyclic in nature which basically means that we are repeating the same movements over and over again. This can often lead to overuse injuries, strains and niggles. We need to think of being proactive rather than reactive in this regard, because even the slightest pain or discomfort can turn into your biggest nightmare and ruin your season.

In order to address this we need to first focus on getting the body stronger to be able to cope with these stresses. This will involve a number of different areas such as improving the overall strength of the muscles, tendons and ligaments. There will be a strong emphasis on core stability and also moving the body in different planes of motion and not just linearly which we tend do all of the time in triathlon. Mobility and flexibility will also be highlighted throughout.

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Once strength has been addressed, we will then focus on improving power, which will lead to peak power development and ultimately power endurance. You might be asking yourself right now “I’m an endurance athlete, why do I need to be powerful?”..  The ability to generate power is very important. If you can increase your output, every stroke in the pool, every pedal of the bike and every stride on the road will propel you further. This will obviously conserve more energy and make you a more efficient triathlete.

We also have to remember that at certain stages in a triathlon you will need to increase your power output in terms of wattage and cadence. It’s not just a steady state throughout, we need to able to go through the different gears, up and down. Strength and power training will also increase your speed and with a structured and progressive programme you should see a reduction in your triathlon times overall.

It’s important to reiterate though that the first goal will be to reduce the chances of getting injured and we will then worry about improving performance after that. Remember strength is the foundation of everything. This component of fitness will not significantly improve by just swimming, running or just cycling alone. We need to be lifting weights in a manner that is specific to our sport. With this in mind, all of the sessions with Joe and Daniel will focus on quality and not quantity.

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Hopefully this gives everyone a better understanding of why S&C is so important and the overall role it will play in our triathlon season.

Phase 1 will commence on the 29/09/2015 (if you are doing the Tuesday classes) or on 01/10/2015 (if you are doing the Thursday Classes).

If you have any questions please feel free to email Daniel Breen at

Sign up links have been sent out by email to all current club members, we will send this mail out again in the next couple of days. Limited number of places still available, so sign up quick!

Thanks for reading!

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