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Summer Training Calendar

Tralee Triathlon Club Summer Training Calendar

All Training Sessions and Training Events are open to Tralee Triathlon Club Members Only.

MINI TRI SERIES: Series of training races organised by Tralee Triathlon Club for members only

TBSC: Tralee Bay Swim Club – series of swimming races organised by the Tralee Bay Swimming club for its members.

may 2016

June 2016

July 2016

August 2016

Sept 2016

Oct 2016


Club Training Sessions


Club Spin (Cycling)
Coached club cycle. Meet at 10am each Sunday in the Lidl Car Park, Tralee. Weather dependent. Distances and approx speed of each group, as well as routes are published regularly on the Tralee Triathlon Club Facebook page.

Intermediate/Advanced: The regular group who currently turn up for this spin are intermediate/advanced and average 30Km/hr.

Beginners: There will be a beginner club cycle at the same time every Sunday starting on Sunday 1st May.

Cian Hogan, our club cycling coach will take a group of beginners this Sunday, 1st May for a cycling workshop, to include bike handling, cycling in groups and this will be followed by a beginner cycle. Meet at 10am at Lidl car park in Tralee. See emails, club Facebook page and Countdown2Tri Facebook group page for more info.

CLICK HERE for Booking Link

Club Swim

Un-coached club swim. Meet at Fenit Carp Park every Sunday at 4pm.

Groups swim together based on ability and speed. Meet in Fenit car park at 4pm every Sunday. Weather dependent. Updates and any last minute changes are posted to the Tralee Triathlon Club Facebook page in advance.

Note: This is simply a swim where you will have company. You should swim with those of similar ability. Un-coached – there will not be a qualified life guard joining the swim. You should be a confident open water swimmer to take part. It is highly recommended to join the club open water swim lessons on Monday evenings if you are not comfortable swimming in open water prior to taking part in the Sunday Club swim.

Intermediate/Advanced swimmers – This swim is traditionally a distance/endurance swim, approx 1500m to 3000m – repeats of shore to 1st Buoy to 6th Buoy and back.

Some intermediate/advanced swimmers organise group swims to the Wheelrock & back and around the Lighthouse. Please do not attempt these swims alone, in poor weather or at inappropriate tide times. Ideally you should also have Kayak support and swim safety devices (for safety& visibility, boat traffic etc).

 Beginners – the swim length depends on ability gradually progressing from:

  • Swimming parallel to the shore within your depth
  • Swimming out of your depth,
  • Swimming out to the first buoy and back
  • Swimming to 2nd Buoy and back to shore, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th etc


Open Water Swimming Lessons

After the club endurance swim on Sundays, Monday is an easy day and a day to focus on your swim technique.

Club open water swim lessons begin on Monday May 9th. These lessons are facilitated by our club swimming coach, John Edwards. John is a Swim Ireland swim coach, qualified life guard and owner of the outdoor adventure business ‘Wild Water Adventures’.  Weather dependent.

As part of the Countdown2Tri program, you can either do these lessons or a technique based swim yourself

CLASSES RUNNING for 12 weeks: Monday May 9th – Monday July 25th (inclusive).  Cost 60E

Three different classes will run on each Monday Evening:

Beginners – 6.30pm-7pm Beginner classes running in conjunction with the Countdown2Tri training program.  This is suitable for people who CAN SWIM but are completely new to sea swimming or have never swam out of their depth in the sea.  The classes will start in shallow water and aim to get you to the first buoy and beyond if people want! It would suit those aiming for the Try-a-Tri (c.250m)

Improvers – 7.15pm -8pm Improvers (would suit the 7.45pm Pool class). This class is for people who can swim comfortably in the pool, have some experience in the open water and can or are happy to try swimming to the first buoy and beyond.  Classes aim to build up to swimming 750m, from shore to last buoy.

Advanced – 8pm-8.45pm – advanced (would suit the 8.30pm/7.15am Pool class).  This class is for people who can swim lengths comfortably in the pool, have swam in the open water before and can comfortably swim from buoy to buoy.  Classes aim to build up speed and endurance over 750m/1400m, from shore to last buoy and back.

All classes will be given by John Edwards.  Water safety will be provided (kayak cover) in the water.

Classes start on Monday 9th May, 2016, Lockes beach, Fenit. Meet in the car park at Fenit.

To be in the water at start times so please have your wet-suit on and ready to go at THE START TIME.  Bring goggles, swim cap and flip flops are handy.

Classes are weather dependent.  Please keep an eye on social media for updates.


LINK OPEN FROM Thursday April 14th, 8.30pm until Friday May 6th, 8.30pm.

CLICK HERE for Booking Link



Individual Bike Session or Rest Day

Take a rest day or complete the sessions outlined in Cian’s Bike Programs for Tuesdays on Countdown2Tri program.



Club Interval Run Session with Maria

Meet at Top Part on Rock Street in Tralee at the entrance to the Skinny Mile on Wednesdays at 6:30pm. This is an interval session that lasts about an hour. These sessions will run every Wednesday until 1st June 2016. There is no charge and these sessions are only available to members of Tralee Triathlon Club.

After 1st of June, you can follow the program that Maria has provided in Maria’s Run Programs for Wednesdays. Maria will facilitate one additional interval run session on Wednesday 20th July (to make sure we’re not slacking off!).



Brick Session with Fran

Bricks are a very important part of triathlon (and duathlon) training. Bricks refer to training on two disciplines during the same workout, one after the other with minimal or no interruption in between, just as you would do in a race. When people talk about bricks they usually refer to a bike/run workout. It is important to fit bricks in here and there in your training plan to get your legs ready for the bike to run transition in triathlon.


Fran McElligott is a club member and he will be facilitating club brick sessions on Thursday evenings for the months of May, June and July. Meet at O’Donnell’s, Mounthawk at 6:30pm every Thursday. The brick will consist of a cycle on the Tralee to Fenit route followed by a short run on the Skinny Mile. Distances will gradually increase over the 13 weeks.



Un-coached Club Swim

With the club endurance swim on Sundays, and technique based swim on Mondays to focus on your swim technique, it is a good idea to include an interval type session on one other day in the week, where you should change between swim speeds and get used to changing gear in a race.

There has traditionally been a gathering of club members who swim on Friday evenings in Fenit, so we are slotting in this interval session to tie in with this informal club swim. It is advised to swim with a group for safety. Meet at Fenit Car park on Friday evenings at 6:30pm throughout the summer. Weather dependent.



Park Run Tralee

This is not a club session, however it is highly recommended as part of your preparation for your Sprint or Try-a-Tri race. Park Run is a free, timed 5k run in Tralee Town park. 9am, every Saturday morning.


Brick Session with Milosz

These sessions are for those who are preparing for longer distance triathlons and would not be suitable for beginners.  Milosz will be facilitating these sessions for the month of May only. €4 payable to Milozs. Meet at Adams Hyundai dealership on Saturday mornings at 9am. These sessions involve tougher, hillier routes and longer distances. Advised for advanced level only or those preparing for Iron or half-Iron distance triathlons.


Triathlon Ireland Transition Workshop

On Saturday 4th of June, Triathlon Ireland Regional Development Officer, Liam Kennedy will facilitate a Transition workshop.

Transitions in a triathlon are often called the fourth event because transition time counts towards total race time. If you transition faster, you’ll race faster.

T1: first transition, from Swim to Bike

T2: second transition from Bike to Run

Liam will take you through what you need to know to get through both T1 and T2 as quickly and as safely as possible.

Time TBC and booking links will be available shortly. Limited places.


Beach Bootcamp with Nisus Fitness

Strength and Conditioning is extremely important for all sports and no more so than in Triathlon. The long hours spent on the bike, in the pool and on the road really do take their toll on the body over time. Strength and Conditioning training can provide you with the foundation necessary to sustain your training avoid injury and improve your performance.

The three disciplines that make up a triathlon, swimming, cycling and running are all cyclic in nature, repeating the same movements over and over again. This can often lead to overuse injuries. To address this, we need to improve the overall strength of the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Core stability and also moving the body in different planes of motion and not just linearly which we tend do all of the time in triathlon is important, as well as mobility and flexibility.

The trainers from Nisus Fitness will facilitate 3 sessions over the summer months on Banna Beach.

The dates are:

28th of May
25th June
23rd July

These sessions will take place at 4:30pm on each of the above Saturdays. You will learn routines that you can apply in your own weekly routines to keep you string, flexible and injury free! Great!


Club Mini Tri Series

 Well, we are a Triathlon Club, so we want to give our members loads of Triathlon Race practice.

For the last number of years, the club has hosted a ‘Mini Tri Series’. This is a series of 8 races for members of Tralee Triathlon Club.

These will take place this year on every second Tuesday evening during the summer with the exception of the week before our Club Race Landers Sponsors Tri Kingdom Come. On that week, we will have an Olympic Distance Race on Sunday 24th of July, primarily to give everyone a rest in the week leading up to the race, but also to host an Olympic Distance race for those preparing for a Half Iron Distance Triathlon, such as Dublin 70.3 or Lost Sheep triathlons.

These races are training events and there is no charge. Club Members only. All members taking part are expected to take their turn to marshal/volunteer for one race in the series.

The dates for our Mini Tri Series are as follows:

Tuesday 17th May MINI TRI 1 Duathlon 7pm

Tuesday 31st May MINI TRI 2 Aquathon 7pm

Tuesday 14th June MINI TRI 3 Aquabike 7pm

Tuesday 28th June MINI TRI 4 Try-a-Tri Triathlon 7pm

Tuesday 12th July MINI TRI 5 Try-a-Tri & Sprint Triathlon 7pm

Sunday 24th July MINI TRI 6 Olympic Triathlon 10am

Tuesday 9th Aug MINI TRI 7 Try-a-Tri & Sprint Triathlon 6:30pm

Tuesday 23rd Aug MINI TRI 8 Try-a-Tri & Sprint Triathlon 6:30pm


Thanks to our Club and Race Sponsorsibike

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