The following have been nominated as National Series races for the 2018 season. If you intend on entering a National Series race, it is highly recommended to enter as soon as possible because a number of the events sell out quickly. For instance, the Lost Sheep middle distance event that typically doubles as the middle distance National Championship sells out within minutes of entries becoming available. The main thing to bare in mind with all National Series events are that they are nothing other than events put on by clubs like ours for the benefit of the wider triathlon community. As such, entries are open to everyone on a first come basis.

There are entry links to all races through the Triathlon Ireland website at:


20/05/2018 Tri 795 Carlow Sprint
26/05/2018 Lough Cutra Castle Standard Triathlon Standard
09/06/2018 Fastnet Sprint Triathlon Sprint
16/06/2018 Westport Sprint Triathlon Sprint
16/06/2018 Airpower Hook or by Crook Traithlon Sprint
08/07/2018 Base2Race Harbourman Triathlon NC Standard
14/07/2018 Two Provinces Triathlon Sprint
21/07/2018 Jailbreak Triathlon Sprint
22/07/2018 Belfast Titanic Triathlon Standard
28/07/2018 Tri Limits Middle Distance Middle
05/08/2018 Loughrea Sprint Triathlon Sprint
11/08/2018 Caroline Kearney Standard
11/08/2018 Lough Neagh Standard
25/08/2018 Mourne Triathlon Sprint
08/09/2018 Vodafone Sprint Triathlon NC Sprint
22/09/2018 Pulse Port Beach Triathlon Sprint
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