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**NB** A parent or guardian must be present at all junior club events. All our junior members from aged 0 – 17 must have a parent or grandparent as an adult member in Tralee Triathlon Club. This has been decided by the Junior Club Committee for 2019/20 and approved by the Senior Club Committee and Chairperson 2019/20.

This season we are offering one types of membership. It has been decided due to the growth of the Junior Club that we must have full parental involvement at all training events and all parents must get Garda Vetted through Triathlon Ireland (see below)

Follow this link to Triathlon Ireland to join our club. A Parent/Guardian must first join Triathlon Ireland, then affiliate to Tralee Triathlon Club then you can join a Junior to your account, from the drop down menu choose:

1. Child With Adult Member – Choose this for your junior if you are an adult member of Tralee Triathlon Club for 2019/20.

After your registration you will have an account with Tri Ireland. On the right hand side of your page you will be given the option to register a junior account. Follow the steps to join them to both Triathlon Ireland and Tralee Triathlon Club.

This is the cost for junior members aged 0 to 19 years whose parent or grandparent is a member of Tralee Triathlon Club:

Age Tri Ireland Tralee Tri Club
Kids Tri License 0 – 14 €8 €5
Youth License 15 – 17 €11 €5
Junior Race License 17 – 19 €22 €5

If you are aged 18+ you can have your own Triathlon Ireland Account and are no longer part pf the Junior Club.

Garda Vetting

As we need volunteers at all junior training events we are asking all parents/ guardians to be garda vetted through Triathlon Ireland. All information is on their website. Please email  if you need to get your vetting validated by the club Children’s Officer.

Club Children’s Officer 2019/20 – Patricia Murray

Club Designated Liaison Officer 2019/20 – Niamh Murphy