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Triathlon Ireland Membership Type

Racing Membership

This membership is for people who train with a club and intend to race several times during the triathlon season. You are insured for club training and have an annual  in all Triathlon Ireland events, without paying a one-day-license (it’s an annual racing license). It costs €58 plus processing & transaction fees.

Non Racing Membership

This membership is for people who are involved with a club and may take part in some training sessions and who only intend on participating in a couple of races during the season or none at all.  Although you are insured to train with a club, you will have to pay a one-day license (ODL) fee each time you participate in a race during the season. A one-day license costs €10 for 1st event, €25 per event thereafter. The Non Racing membership costs €20 plus processing & transaction fees.

Which membership should I choose?

For beginners, if you do not expect to do more than two races during the season then the Non Racing membership works out cheaper when you factor in the cost of the one day license for each race you do. Otherwise the Racing Membership works out to be the more economical choice.

Triathlon Ireland membership FAQ.

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