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In recognition of the outstanding achievements of club athletes participating in the National Series in recent years, it was decided back in 2018 to establish a position on the club committee to coordinate club member participation in the event.  In adherence to the club constitution, the position will subsequently be open to nominations and voting at the club AGM.

The National Series Coordinator have a number of roles including, but not exclusive to:

  • Maintain oversight of club members competing in the National Series by:
    • Maintaining an understanding of which events club members have already, or are planning entering.
    • Highlight club member participation at events prior to them occurring and subsequently recognising their achievements post event.
    • If several club members are competing at a given event, coordinating pre and post race meet up for refreshment and sharing of war stories.
    • Attempt to coordinate movement of club members to events to potentially assist with the sharing of cost of travel and accommodation arrangements.
    • Ensure all club members competing in the National Series events are aware of the requirement wear the latest version of the club kit
  • Encourage greater club participation in the National Series by:
    • Provide information through the club website and Facebook page about the National Series and the benefits of participation.
    • Promotion of the fact that the competition is open to all levels of athletes and not just the elite performers.
    • Demonstrate how the National Series provides a pathway in triathlon to develop as an athlete beyond what is provided by local races.
    • Advertise when events are taking place, including key registration dates.
    • Encourage the production of race reports by club members competing at National Series events in order to provide a greater understanding of what competing in the National Series involves. To include:
      • Establishment of a catalogue of race reports on the club website for access by all club members.
      • Distribution of race reports by email and club Facebook page.
    • Greater participation by club members in the National Series will boost the clubs chances of improving in the Club Championships as all results count towards this prestigious event.
  • Produce and distribute and end of season summary of the National Series highlighting the rankings of club members and key performances.
  • Seek approval for a seasonal club award for the highest positioned and most improved performer in the National Series.
  • Distribute information to club members and the wider local community of athletes within the club that have qualified and have been selected through the National Series to represent Ireland at international events, including World and European Championships.
  • Identify a National Series event each year and try to promote mass club registration and participation.
  • Provide updates at committee meetings of club involvement within the National Series.
  • Scope the feasibility of the creation of a competitive training group within the existing club structure.