Tralee Tri Club Aquathon 17th Jan 2016

Happy New Year to you all. 2015 was a great year for the club and I’ve a feeling that 2016 will be even better.

We will have a club Aquathon in Tralee Sports Complex on Sunday 17th Jan 2016. This is only open to 2016 members of Tralee Triathlon Club.

We would strongly encourage both old and new members to take part, especially new members and those who are learning to swim. Go on, bite the bullet and give it a lash!

To join the club or renew membership, please go to the Triathlon Ireland Website, join Triathlon Ireland and select Tralee Tri Club as your club. More info availavle here:

Book your Place:
You may use the link below to book your place. There is no charge. You may use this link to take part in the aquathon or volunteer for timing, marshalling, photography or to help out with refreshments.

Book your place here:

Sprint Distance: 750m pool swim & 5K run (outdoor)

Super Sprint Distance: 250m swim (10 lengths of pool) & 2.5K run (outdoor)

Sun 17th Jan 2016

Volunteers and participants are requested to meet at Tralee Sports Complex Reception at 10:30am for briefing.

Swim sessions will run between 11 and 12, followed by the run. Refreshments will be served in the room near reception from 12:30 to 13:30.


Refreshments will be provided after, however we welcome any sandwiches, homebaking etc.

Please drop us a mail to and let us know how you can help out.

If taking part, please select Sprint or Super sprint option and approx time slot you think you will complete the swim if doing the sprint distance so you can be designated an appropriate lane.

Click on the links below for info on two of these events organised by the club in previous years:

Dec 2014:

Feb 2014:

Thank you to Paula Casey, Club Training Events Coordinator for organising this event.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Thanks, Siobhán
Chairman, Tralee Tri Club

Committee 2016

Meet your committee for 2015 to 2016 (Elected August 2015)20156committee


Siobhán Griffin (Chairperson)

Cathy Fisher (Secretary)

Jean Foley (Treasurer)

Sinead Stafford (Child/Vulnerable Adult)

Des O’Keefe/Pio Boyle (Web/PRO)

Joanne Allman (Social Officer)

Margaret Gilbert (GCM)

Catherine O’Neil Wharton (GCM)


Sinead Kelliher (PRO, Print Media & Website)

training sub committee

Training Subcommittee

Siobhan Griffin (Training Coordinator)

Ciara Tierney (Swimming)

Bridget Moore (Running)

Suzanne O’Sullivan (Cycling)

Pio Boyle (Cycling)

Paula Casey (Training Events Co-ordinator)

race subcommittee

Race Subcommittee

Joanne Allman

Dave Barton

Brian O’Connor

Bob Walsh

Ed Murphy

Dermott Dillane


Funding, Sponsorship & Club Gear Subcommittee

Dave Barton & Padraig O’Connor (Sponsorship)

Lorraine Bowler (Development Officer)

Philip Dewey (Club Gear)


Junior Subcommittee

Randall Wharton (Junior Chairperson)

Mark Deely (Training Coordinator)

Sinead Stafford (Liason)

John Davis

Emma Cunnane

Niamh O’Connor

Thank you to the previous committees from 2009 to 2015 for all their hard work! We hope to continue and help TTC grow and prosper!

Tralee Triathlon Club 2016 Adult, Junior & Family Membership

2016 Membership

Tralee Triathlon Club 2016 Adult & Junior Membership is now available on the Triathlon Ireland Website:

To take out membership you will need to go to Members Login. If you are a curent member, log in using your user name and password and select ‘Renew Membership’.

If taking out membership for the first time you will need to create a new account name and password.

You will need to select the Triathlon Ireland membership type applicable to you. These are explained below. Select Tralee Triathlon Club as the club you wish to join and select the appropriate Club membership type which applies to you.

As online membership is now open, you will now only be able to attend Tralee Tri Club Training sessions if you are a current 2016 member.

By becoming a Tralee Triathlon Club member, you are agreeing to abide by the Tralee Triathlon Club Constitution. Click on link below for a copy.

Tralee Triathlon Club Constitution 30th September 2015

Special Offer

Those who renewed membership or joined the club before Dec 16th 2015 will get a long sleeved Tralee Tri Club training top as well as a swim cap and membership fob free. Please email the club with your t-shirt size in an email with subject ‘membership’ if you joined before 16th Dec. Tralee Triathlon Club Long Sleeve Training Tops will be available to buy for those who joined after 16th Dec.

Tralee Junior Tri Club


The Junior Club will be launched in the new year. There will be monthly junior training sessions and splash & dash events in the summer. We have a Junior Club Subcommittee in place who are currently completing the Triathlon Ireland training. More details will be available shortly. See details of Junior/Family Adult membership rates below.

Tralee Triathlon Club Family Membership & Junior Membership


As we are offering Junior membership in 2016 to the children/grandchildren/siblings of adult members, we have introduced a family membership adult rate at a reduced cost of Euro40. This rate is restricted to those adding junior members only. If both parents of junior members wish to join Tralee Tri Club in 2016, they both may select the family membership adult rate.  Tralee Triathlon Club Junior membership is Euro5.


Tralee Tri Club – other membership types

seven frogs tri

If you are not adding a junior member, then you may select Adult Membership (Euro50) or Student/Unemployed/OAP membership (Euro35). Photo and other relevant ID may be sought to verify eligibility for Student, Unemployed or OAP membership. This membership is only available to full time students, those who are unemployed or retired & over the age of 65.

TTC membership types


Your age group for triathlon around the world is determined by your age on the 31st Dec in the current year. So for example whilst you may have a birthday in May 2015 and as such for the first half of the year you are 24 and become 25 on your birthday, for triathlon you will have been 25 from the 1st jan 2015 as your age on the 31st Dec 2015 will be 25.

Simply put your year of birth or the year of birth of a junior member (if registering a junior), into the online form and the membership options available for you will be displayed.


Suitable for those who intend to race a number of times during the season. You receive a level of personal accident cover, are insured for training with a club and to participate in Triathlon Ireland sanctioned events, without paying a one day licence fee.


Suitable for those who intend to race a number of times during the season. You receive a level of personal accident cover, are insured for training with a club and to participate in Triathlon Ireland sanctioned events, without paying a one day licence fee.


Suitable for those who intend to race a number of times during the season. You receive a level of personal accident cover, are insured for training with a club and to participate in Triathlon Ireland sanctioned events, without paying a one day licence fee.


Suitable for those who intend to race a number of times during the season. You receive a level of personal accident cover, are insured for training with a club and to participate in Triathlon Ireland sanctioned events, without paying a one day licence fee.


Suitable for those who intend to race a number of times during the season. You receive a level of personal accident cover, are insured for training with a club and to participate in Triathlon Ireland sanctioned events, without paying a one day licence fee.


Suitable for those who are involved and training with a club but do not intend to race regularly. A one day license is required when taking part in a Triathlon Ireland sanctioned event.

Winter Training Schedule

Please note that all lessons in 2016 are available to Tralee Triathlon Club Members only.


Trail Running

On Saturday mornings we are doing Trail/Mountain running with former Olympian, Milosz Wojcik. Milosz is no stranger to the podium having won adventure races and is a multiple Champion of the Hardman Iron Distance Triathlon (Killarney)

Meet every Saturday at 10am at the parking area near the Equestrian Centre in Tonevane (Blennerville). Charge is Euro4 per person, payable to Milosz.



Interval Running Sessions

Wednesday evenings interval running sessions with Maria O’Keefe McCarthy. Free of charge to Tralee Tri Club Members. Maria has represented Ireland at International level and recently won Silver at the 5000m Masters in Lyon, France.

Meet at Skinny Mile – Top Part Car Park on Rock Street, opposite the side entrance to Dunnes Stores NCR

Meet usually at 6:30pm … check Facebook for any changes (be there at 6:20pm to be on the safe side)


Maria O’Keefe McCarthy, Tralee Tri Club Running Coach


Club Spin each Sunday morning at 10am – this is weather dependant. Keep an eye on the club Facebook page for any last minute changes.


Our next monthly cycling time trial will take place on  31st January. Join the dedicated Facebook group here

12075035_783261315150593_9204251765694797975_n (1)

Turbo Training with iBike (Joe O’Shea)

Tralee & Kilarney – Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

Sessions are available at 6.30+7.30 on Mon & Tues night in Tralee, and 6.30,7.30,8.30 Wed nights in Killarney. Sessions start on the 2nd of November. There is a special subsidised rate for each 7 week programme of €60 for  TTC members.

You will not need to bring your own turbo trainers for these sessions as iBike will provide them.

To book your slot please text Joe @ 086 6087104.



We have Intermediate & Advanced Swimming Lessons on Friday mornings at 7:15am and Friday evenings at 8:30pm. There are beginner lessons on Friday Evenings at 7:45pm. There are two levels catered for in the beginner lessons: Non-swimmers and beginners/improvers. These levels are explained further below.

All lessons are 45mins in duration and are held in the Tralee Sports Complex. There is no additional cost for entry to the pool. Our club swimming coach is John Edwards (Wild Water Adventures, Kingdom Swimming Club coach, Safety Officer with Tralee Bay Swimming Club). John is a fully qualified swimming coach and lifeguard.

All current lessons are sold out. Contact the club if you are interested in joining future blocks of swimming lessons.

Intermediate & Advanced Swimming lessons: These lessons are for athletes who can comfortably swim multiple lengths. The lanes in these lessons are split by speed of swimmers. The aim of these lessons are to improve technique, and increase distance and speed. This is done through instruction and drills to perfect specific areas of technique and build power, endurance and speed. These classes are not for non-swimmers or for beginners/improvers.

Beginner Swimming lessons: There are two levels within this class

Beginner Improvers: These lessons are for athletes who can manage to swim a length or two.

Beginner Swimming lessons for Non Swimmers: These lessons are for athletes who cannot swim. If you can’t swim a length of a pool, can’t do the breathing, afraid of the deep end or are afraid of water. These lessons are for you.



Strength & Conditioning with Nisus Fitness

This runs on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8pm in Nisus Fitness Tralee. Booking for the 12 week block after Christmas has now closed. Contact the club if you are interested in joining the next block of training.

Joe O’Connor of Nisus Fitness has coached All Ireland Champions and is currently the Strength & Conditioning expert on TVs Irelands Fittest Family. He has worked with international squads and is currently working with the Limerick Hurlers.


Joe O’Connor, Nisus Fitness

logo nisus

See you at training!

Tralee Tri Club Nutrition Talk with Joe O’Connor, Nisus Fitness

Want to loose a few pounds? Don’t want it to impact on your training/race performance or recovery?

It’s a fact that the lighter you are, the faster you will be. The less excess weight you have, the lighter the load on your body and joints, which means that you will be less prone to injury.

But how do you loose body fat without loosing muscle mass and without affecting your race/training performance or recovery?

We’ve all tried the diets out there from Atkins, to Weight Watchers, to Carol Vordermans Detox, to Unislim… but relapse is almost inevitable and are these diets suitable for those training hard, racing, recovering and trying to maintain muscle mass?

Last year Joe O’Connor gave a talk on nutrition to Tralee Triathlon Club. The talk was straight, to the point and the advice was simple.

Joe O’Connor, Nisus Fitness

There was a lot of banter after about ‘white is sh*te’, eating the colours of the rainbow, Richard of York and all that. But it stuck!


His nutrition talk wasn’t just about eating to maintain a lean body weight, but how to time your nutrition to ensure that training sessions were fueled properly, what to eat to aid recovery so that your next workout didn’t suffer, how to fuel effectively for race day..

To manage your diet, diet advice alone is not enough. Motivation is a huge factor also. Outlining the principals of his Macro 42 Nutrional System, Joe also told us why each principal is important.

The whole presentation was short concise, informative but also very compelling and motivational.

He pretty much covered everything and all angles!

Macro42 Book Cover

Click here to read about the Macro 42 Nutritional System

Joe will give this talk again this year to club members. There is no charge and it is not to be missed!!!

CLICK HERE to sign up and attend. The talk will be on next Wednesday 4th of November at 8pm in Manor West Hotel (after the club running session with Maria on the skinny mile at 6:20pm).

Following on from the current 12 week ‘Get Lean for Christmas’ Challenge which we are running with Nisus Fitness in conjunction with our Strength & Conditioning Classes, we will be running a ‘Get Lean after Christmas’ 12 week challenge with our 12 weeks of Strength and Conditioning classes in the new year. This is being offered at a further reduced and subsidised cost to Tralee Tri Club members only.

Read about our current 12 week challenge HERE

CLICK HERE to sign up for the 12 week challenge and Strength and conditioning classes for January 2016.


logo nisus



Tralee Triathlon Club Time Trials are here!!!

Its all about the bike!

john and james

If you want to improve your times and performance in Triathlon, you should focus on your cycling….. simples!. The bike leg of a triathlon is where you will gain or lose the most time. This is because the cycle part, in any triathlon, is the longest in both time and distance. On average, across all distances, about 50% of your race is spent on the bike, with less than 20% on the swim and about 30% on the run. FACT!

percentage distance and time cycle in triathlon

swim bike and run times average for triathlon distances
Average times for swim, bike and run in each race distance


Group Cycling vs Individual Cycling

Triathlon clubs can encourage improvement in members relatively easily through effective swimming lessons and running sessions. Catering for the broad range in abilities in cycling is a different matter entirely.

cian and cycling group

Group cycling has many advantages. It is more sociable and enjoyable to cycle in a group. There is backup if you get injured, get a puncture or other mechanical issues. You are less likely to skip a group cycling session as others are counting on you to show up, and turning up for a regular group cycle scheduled at the same time and day each week is a lot easier than facing a lone cycle (especially if the weather is poor). Cycling in a group is great too for developing bike handling skills, picking up tips and advice and for hearing about upcoming events, deals, new gear, components etc. You get it… group cycling has huge advantages!

steven and ciara at seven frogs

Triathlon, however, is almost entirely an individual sport. Drafting is illegal in most triathlon races, so cycling in groups is not ideal in preparing for these race situations. To train effectively and to improve performance, each cyclist should maintain the pace which keeps them in the required heart rate or power zone for each interval in a session, and not the pace at which the group is travelling.

brick monday lidl

Due to the distances to be covered, it is difficult to balance both the individual required effort to make improvements and to keep groups of cyclists together.

liam at grad tri

How do most triathletes & triathlon clubs address this?

Mostly, the serious triathletes out there train alone, sticking to strict intervals and zones so that their workout is effective. These triathletes sacrifice the social aspect and other benefits of training in groups. Leisure triathletes on the other hand, tend to do group cycling more, sacrificing rapid individual improvement in favour of a slower improvement in the groups cycling performance as a whole.

brick group

Best of both worlds

The best of both worlds is to train in small groups of similar ability, take turns on the front, thus creating ideal interval sessions. This results in little sacrifice for the individual cyclist in terms of the effectiveness of the training session, but has huge benefits otherwise. You are more likely to get the sessions done if there is a regular group counting on you to be at a certain place and time each week. It is also a lot more enjoyable, and lets face it, life is short. If you are aiming for a longer distance triathlon, you will be spending a long time on the bike each week, so it may as well be fun!!

suz and niamh

How is Tralee Triathlon Club going to facilitate this?

We are going to run monthly Time Trials. These time trials will have a number of aims:

  1. Individually, set time markers, so that each member can monitor their own progress over the months.
  2. Group cyclists into groups of similar ability for club cycling sessions. If you do extra training and make rapid improvements, you won’t have to wait long for the next time trial to be assigned to a new group. This essentially will make our club cycling sessions more effective for everyone.
  3. Encourage participation at all levels.
  4. Maintain a leader board to encourage competition and motivate members to improve their cycling.
  5. Reward members who displayed the biggest improvement over the year at the end of season night out/awards night.
  6. Improve the level of cycling in the club as a whole.
  7. Mechanism for selection of members for a club racing team.
  8. Meet up regularly as a club, encourage comradarie, and have fun.

sunday spin

On one Saturday, every month, we will meet initially at the Iron Bridge (rail bridge) after the Earl of Desmond roundabout on the Tralee to Castleisland road at 1:30pm for registration with the first cyclist setting off at 2pm. As the months go on, we will introduce time trials on hilly routes.

joe roach

Each member who wishes to participate in these time trials and in the club group cycling sessions will be expected to take their turn and volunteer for at least one time trial for time keeping and registration. If you are on time keeping duties, you can still complete the time trial before or after the club time trial if you wish using your Garmin or other sports watch which records distance & time. Your time will then be included in the leader table.

ciara at seven frogs

This initiative won’t cost anything to club members but we believe it will be hugely beneficial to all members regardless of their ability. Its success depends on as many club members taking part as possible, so join up!

john at dublin 703

How do you sign up?

We have a Facebook group for the time trials. Search for ‘Tralee Triathlon Club Cycling Time Trials’ and join, link below:

The dates for each monthly time trial will be announced on Facebook. We will also create an event for each time trial. Please indicate that you will attend each time trial by joining the event.

The October time trial event is available at the below link:

If you are not on Facebook, don’t worry, we will send an email to all club members letting them know when the next time trial is planned. You can email the club to indicate if you will be taking part or volunteering for time keeping duties.


Tralee Triathlon Club is also considering becoming affiliated through Cycling Ireland as a Cycling Club. This means that members who wish to race competitively will be able to represent the club and will be able to purchase their race licence through Tralee Triathlon Club. Feedback on this initiative was overwhelmingly positive when we surveyed members at this years AGM.  john joe


It will be interesting to see the improvements at the end of the year! And, you never know, you might win something!

ironman dismount

We will also continue our club spins on Sundays at 10am from Lidl carpark in Tralee.


Turbo Training

Damian’s turbo sessions are booked out, however iBike winter turbo training sessions are on again and available for booking. There will be a total of 14 weeks training broken into 2 x seven week programmes. The 1st seven weeks will focus on building strength and power aswell as perfecting best position and technique. These session will also see a little speed work mixed in. The 2nd seven weeks will focus completely on high intensity drills and speed work, aiming to get the most from all the power sessions done before Christmas. Sessions are available at 6.30+7.30 on Mon & Tues night in Tralee, and 6.30,7.30,8.30 Wed nights in Killarney. Sessions start on the 2nd of November. There is a special subsidised rate for each 7 week programme of €65 for 10 or more TTC members, and €60 for 20 or more TTC members.

You will not need to bring your own turbo trainers for these sessions as iBike will provide them.

In order to subsidise at the €60 rate, we want to make sure that enough club members will benefit. Please indicate your interest and select which slot you would prefer using the link below.

To book your slot please text Joe @ 086 6087104.

As always, your feedback on the time trials, club cycling sessions, Cycling Ireland Affiliation and Turbo sessions is very welcome!

Swim Bike Run in the Kingdom