The Triathlon Ireland Evolve Club Standards programme aims to identify, develop, accredit and recognise high quality triathlon clubs and the contribution that they make to the development of sport in Ireland. Triathlon Ireland values the essential and significant role that sports clubs play in the development of sport, they provide outlets for participation for a range of abilities, are a gateway to the sport of Triathlon, while also providing quality environments for talented young athletes to develop.

Tralee Triathlon Club policy documents under the Triathlon Ireland EVOLVE Club Standards Programme
Club Management and Governance
Club Constitution
General Committee 2023
Participation and Competition
Club Coaches and Leaders
Coaches and Leaders Roles and Responsibilities (adopted from TI)
Club and Community
Inclusion Statement (adopted from TI)
Environmental and Sustainability Policy
Care and Welfare
Code of Ethics (adopted from TI)
Equity Policy (adopted from TI)
Junior Incident Report Form (adopted from TI)
Adult Incident Report Form (adopted from TI)
Safeguarding Contacts 2023
Safeguarding Statement
Volunteer Code of Conduct (adopted from TI)
Safe Recruitment Policy (adopted from TI)
Event Resources
Event Organiser Documents
Children First Act 2015
Triathlon Ireland: Physical Contact Policy
Triathlon Ireland: Recognising and Reporting Safeguarding Concerns
Triathlon Ireland: Social Media Guidance for Juniors
Triathlon Ireland: Anti-Bullying Policy
Triathlon Ireland: Tips for Parents and Guardians
Triathlon Ireland: Safeguarding Code for Young People
Triathlon Ireland: Safeguarding Resources
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