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The swim start is an in water start and swimmers will enter the water at the slip located on the sheltered side of the headland out towards Fenit lighthouse.

Competitors will  walk to the start point (approx 500 meters) where they will enter the water via steps or slip and can acclimatise themselves to the water before the in water start that will be in mixed waves and anticipated to be 5 minutes apart.

The swim start time has been carefully selected by our water safety expert to ensure it is as tide assisted as possible ensuring a nice fast swim in with the tide for competitors.

The swim course will be marked out by small red buoys at approximately 100 meter intervals to the turn point to the shore. There will also be 2 larger more visible buoys at the 300 m mark and turn point at the 600 m mark to aid sighting.

There will also be 12 – 15 kayaks and 2-3 ribs in the water so no need for anyone to be nervous on this swim. It is ideal for beginners as it is in sheltered bay and tide assisted with loads of safety support on hand. It is even more ideal for serious competitors who want to sprint swim to get the best time possible.


Final Swim Map Option A JPEG


The bike route is an out and back heading out towards Tralee and turning back again a the 10 km mark. It leaves Transition and rides out of Fenit village on a gentle hill. As you pass the Fenit speed limit signs the road evens out to a lovely flat fast route with spectacular views of Tralee bay and the Sliabh Mish Mountains to the right.

There is another gentle undulating pull entering into the biggest hill on the course that takes you to  Spa village. The short climb to the top is well worth it as you whizz down  through The Spa at the 6 km mark on a perfect road surface. The next 4 km to the turn around point just before Clogherbrien cross are flat and windy.

Then it’s the above route in the reverse… If you are not racing to win take time to appreciate the views along the route. – They really are special! On the return leg, the views of the Maherees in the distance and Fenit pier closer in, as you ride down the hill at the Spa towards Fenit are amazing.  Be mindful on this fast hill as you will enter into a series of 3 wide bends and while the road will have been swept there may be residue gravel form any traffic that passes through before the race.

After you descend this hill the route is flat and fast until you get to Fenit to transition and prepare for the Run section!


Final Sprint Bike 10Apr16


For the run route you will exit Transition at the same exit point that you left with your Bike. This is also an out and back route.

Instead of turning right as you will have done with the bike you will head left and run towards the back of the car park and under the iconic railway bridge where you  take a right turn to bring you out onto the road and up the the gentle hill that leads out of the Pier area of the village.

You will pass straight through the junction to Fenit Island (on the left) on the way up this hill and the village post office will be to your right. At the next Junction you will turn left and continue out towards Talaught on an undulating route with gentle rolling hills and more breathtaking views to take in on your left on the way out and on your right on the way back in. The water station will be located at the junction so runners will pass it twice on the way out and back.

As you return to the finish line you have that lovely downhill  that winds towards the pier to guide your tired elated feet to the finish line where our fabulous bespoke Tri Kingdom Come Medal will be placed around your neck!!


Final Sprint Run (1 Water Station) 10Apr16