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Tri Kingdom Come 2024 Fenit Triathlon is now open for entries. Scroll down to see answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


To enter: Click here

Saturday, August 3rd, 2024
National Children’s Triathlon Festival (7-9 years)
swim: 100m | bike: 2km | run: 800m
National Children’s Triathlon Festival (10-11 years)
swim: 200m | bike: 4km | run: 1.5km
Try-a-Tri / Starter Triathlon
swim: 200m | bike: 13km | run: 3km
Youth National Series (12-13 years)
swim: 400m | bike: 8km | run: 2km
Youth National Series (14-15 years)
swim: 500m | bike: 13km | run: 3km
Youth National Series Sprint Triathlon (16-17 years)
swim: 750m | bike: 20km | run: 5km
Tri Kingdom Come Sprint Triathlon (wave 1)
Tri Kingdom Come Sprint Triathlon (wave 2)
swim: 750m | bike: 20km | run: 5km
swim: 750m | bike: 20km
Ná Fág Ach Lorg Coise – Leave Only Your Footprints.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Where does the festival take place?
The festival takes place in the village of Fenit, 10km west of Tralee.


What event rules are in place?
This event is sanctioned by the governing body of triathlon in Ireland – Triathlon Ireland (TI).
Triathlon Ireland are affiliated to World Triathlon and therefore sanctioned events take place under the rules of World Triathlon.
Read more about the TI derogation of World Triathlon rules here.
See the rules of World Triathlon here.


Do I require a race licence?
Yes, to participate, you will require a Triathlon Ireland (TI) race licence, or, a Triathlon Ireland (TI) One-Day-Membership.
On the day, you must present your TI licence or ODM at sign-on.
Please note that ODM’s must be pre-purchased and will not be available to purchase on-site.
ODM Fees 202.  All prices in EUR.
Aquathlon 20
Triathlon Try-a-Tri Distance20
Triathlon Sprint / Standard / Middle Distance30
Triathlon Long Distance35
All Childrens events6


Is the event chip-timed?
All events on Saturday, except children 7-11, are chip-timed by Dean from


I am new to triathlon – What should I know? What equipment do I need?
See Triathlon Ireland (TI) New-to-Tri resources here.


What supports will be available on the swim course?
The swim course is managed by the swim safety officer, John Edwards, of Wild Water Adventures.
The following supports will be available on the water:
  • Local  in-shore lifeboat assets
  • Safety Boats
  • Experienced kayakers
  • Statically positioned lifeguards on SUP boards
  • Angel swimmers (where possible)


Where are the transition areas?
The transition areas are located in the main car park off Locke’s Beach, Fenit.
Children and Youths shall have a dedicated transition area.
Youths 16-17, Try-a-Tri, SwimRun, AquaVelo and the main sprint triathlon participants shall be in the main transition area.


Which age group must a child/youth participate in?
The age group to which you are assigned is determined by your age on 31st December 2023.
For example, if you turn 12 years of age on November 1st, then you must participate in the 12-13 year old category.
Please see information from World Triathlon here.


What temperature shall the water be?
As normal for South-West Ireland, the water temperature will be in the region of 16.5 – 18.5 degrees.


What depth of water will we encounter?
Children 7-9 will swim parallel to the shore in water approximately 1m deep.
The deepest point on other short-course swims will be approximately 2m.
For the 750m swim, the deepest point will be in the range 2.5m – 3m approximately.


Do a require a wet suit?
Yes. Wet-suits are MANDATORY – for all participants.
However, the “shortie” type suit is allowed.


Is there a map of the swim, bike and run courses?
The bike course is available here.
The run course is available here.
The swim courses:

Video Footage
Aerial footage of the swim area.
Video of Bike/Run routes from 2016.
TKC 2016 footage