Tralee Tri Club Nutrition Talk with Joe O’Connor, Nisus Fitness

Want to loose a few pounds? Don’t want it to impact on your training/race performance or recovery?

It’s a fact that the lighter you are, the faster you will be. The less excess weight you have, the lighter the load on your body and joints, which means that you will be less prone to injury.

But how do you loose body fat without loosing muscle mass and without affecting your race/training performance or recovery?

We’ve all tried the diets out there from Atkins, to Weight Watchers, to Carol Vordermans Detox, to Unislim… but relapse is almost inevitable and are these diets suitable for those training hard, racing, recovering and trying to maintain muscle mass?

Last year Joe O’Connor gave a talk on nutrition to Tralee Triathlon Club. The talk was straight, to the point and the advice was simple.

Joe O’Connor, Nisus Fitness

There was a lot of banter after about ‘white is sh*te’, eating the colours of the rainbow, Richard of York and all that. But it stuck!


His nutrition talk wasn’t just about eating to maintain a lean body weight, but how to time your nutrition to ensure that training sessions were fueled properly, what to eat to aid recovery so that your next workout didn’t suffer, how to fuel effectively for race day..

To manage your diet, diet advice alone is not enough. Motivation is a huge factor also. Outlining the principals of his Macro 42 Nutrional System, Joe also told us why each principal is important.

The whole presentation was short concise, informative but also very compelling and motivational.

He pretty much covered everything and all angles!

Macro42 Book Cover

Click here to read about the Macro 42 Nutritional System

Joe will give this talk again this year to club members. There is no charge and it is not to be missed!!!

CLICK HERE to sign up and attend. The talk will be on next Wednesday 4th of November at 8pm in Manor West Hotel (after the club running session with Maria on the skinny mile at 6:20pm).

Following on from the current 12 week ‘Get Lean for Christmas’ Challenge which we are running with Nisus Fitness in conjunction with our Strength & Conditioning Classes, we will be running a ‘Get Lean after Christmas’ 12 week challenge with our 12 weeks of Strength and Conditioning classes in the new year. This is being offered at a further reduced and subsidised cost to Tralee Tri Club members only.

Read about our current 12 week challenge HERE

CLICK HERE to sign up for the 12 week challenge and Strength and conditioning classes for January 2016.


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